A cheer for chia!

A few weeks back my eyes lit up as I read an email which said ‘You are a prize winner!’. I do dabble in the occasional competition entry! Hoorah, I thought, a trip to London to be wined and dined or a champagne Spa day! Having read the email, I was rather deflated to hear that I was, in fact, a runner up, and the winner of a 300g bag of Chia seeds! Whoop whoop!!!

I’ve never been a huge fan of these, apparently amazing, seeds. I’m happy to sprinkle them on salads (when on a health kick!) but when mixed with any type of liquid, in my opinion, they are rather ‘frog spawn’ like! However, as I am now in receipt of my wonderful gift, I thought I should give chia seeds another chance.

Having researched their properties they are indeed meant to be incredibly good for you. One website claims they are ‘one of the healthiest foods on the planet’ – blimey! They contain ‘a massive amount of nutrients in very few calories’ – sounds good to me! They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, contain 34% fibre and are an excellent source of protein and calcium. Well, and I probably am becoming sceptical in my old age, in my mind, there always seems to be some new ‘super food’ that we should all be eating and there always seems to be something we shouldn’t be eating. It’s really difficult, I think, to know what to believe. One minute we’re meant to be gluten free, the next we’re meant to be ‘clean’. It’s a minefield!  However, when it comes to the humble chia seed, after further research, I agree with the folk that say, it’s not magic but it is a great food to include in your diet, with lots of health benefits.

Maybe my prize of chia seeds, isn’t as naff as I’d first thought! I just need to find ways to use them more regularly. As I’m currently embarking on my ‘get rid of the Christmas bulge plan’ it’s a perfect time to embrace the chia seed! To be honest, it wouldn’t have got a look in during December. Why spoil a delicious ‘stollen bite’ or 3 by sprinkling them with chia seeds!

I was having coffee with the girls the other week and we were exchanging ideas for healthy breakfasts. When it came down to it, there really weren’t many different, quick and easy to prepare, breakfasts that we could come up with. Even my boiled eggs and asparagus this morning lead me to set the alarm 20 minutes earlier. I rotate between eggs (done various ways), yoghurt, fruit and granola and oat pancakes (made beforehand in a batch). I am a ‘foody’ with a big appetite so need a good breakfast, otherwise I’m routing around for snacks mid morning!

With chia in my mind, I recently came across a rather wonderful looking picture of a chocolate orange chia bowl, care of @leitchycreates. It was a doddle to make the night before and I must say that I was more than pleasantly surprised. I REALLY enjoyed it and it didn’t feel like frog spawn!! It has passion fruit in it which is always a winner for me. The raw cacao nibs and linseeds give it crunch and the clementine gives it lots of sweetness. The raw cacao nibs are very bitter so you can leave them out if you want a ‘gentler’ taste. It was also really filling and kept me full until lunchtime. The ingredients aren’t cheap but I’ll get LOTS of breakfasts out of them.


So, I’m hooked and have had it four times now! My 7 and 10 year old lovelies tried it, but like many of these recipes, it’s just one step too far for them. I now need to create a chia bowl recipe or two that real kids will eat. Let me know if you have any!

In the meantime, ‘Cheers to chia’ and bye for now!





Posted on: 31st Jan 2017