A look back at 2016

So I find myself wide awake at 2.30am! Is it the caffeinated coffee I drank yesterday at 4.30pm or is it the mountain of ‘stuff’ I have going on in my head? Either way, having lain in bed for two hours unable to get back to sleep, I’ve decided to get up and write my blog. I realise that it’s been a while. My intention is to write a monthly blog and I remember a marketing guru once telling me the importance of writing ones blog regularly, be it monthly, weekly etc. So apologies to her but life’s been rather busy! In hindsight I might have taken on a little too much over the last couple of months! However, I’m not complaining. I like being busy and although there is no such thing as a routine week in our house, I also quite like that too!

My life is just one big party!

I’ve been busy with children’s cookery parties recently. They are a great ‘winter months’ party option. I know that I’ve said this a million times before but I’m always amazed at children’s creativity. I’ve learnt over time to keep the activities I offer quite loose in their instruction and just let the kids get on with it. Their designs never fail to impress. These Harry Potter Hedwig owls have such character. They can’t fail to put a smile on your face.



It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

My life has recently been taken over my gingerbread! 220 gingerbread biscuits to be exact! Children all over the North East have been decorating them and maybe a few have made it onto the Christmas tree! Do check out my recipe  as it is ridiculously easy and quick and the best part is that your house will be filled with the most amazing festive aromas.



Christmas this year sees the Hulberts at home which I’m really looking forward to. I’m in charge of Christmas dinner and I’ve decided to make life easy for myself, having been on a baking frenzy for the last couple of months! So, a ‘beef en croute’ from a well-known supermarket beginning with ‘A’ is awaiting in the freezer and this will be accompanied by serious amounts of “sprouts and pigs in blankets”, as requested by my eldest! Et voila! as they say!!!! Job’s a good’un! There will be Christmas pudding with homemade white sauce (my mum’s recipe – it’s AMAZING) and I’m considering doing a Malteser Christmas pud  for the kids and hubby, who don’t like traditional pud. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Happy Birthday to me!

Baker Be was officially two years old on 1 December. I completely missed it! I’ve since had a look back over my second year and I’ve realised that I’ve done all sorts of brilliant events which I am really rather proud of!

  • Taste Tynedale Foody Festival
  • Healthy Eating workshops with Northumbria University
  • Roald Dahl cookery day
  • Roald Dahl and Pirate themed cookery workshops
  • Parties galore with themes such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘All Things Pretty’, ‘Horses’, ‘Choctastic’
  • Healthy eating/exercise educational workshop in partnership with Crackers Soft Play
  • The Sage Gateshead Christmas Cracker Event

and there’s more still to come before the year is out, with a holiday Festive Fun Club in partnership with Hexham Abbey.

It has also made me realise that Baker Be is evolving and growing which is exciting. I wonder what the third year has in store? We shall see! Hopefully I’ll be as privileged as I have been this year to take part in such an array of lovely events. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there who has booked a party/wedding/workshop/event… with Baker Be. I’d also like to thank (don’t worry, I know this is beginning to sound a bit like an Oscar acceptance speech, but I’ll keep it brief) all my lovely family and friends for their advice and support. When one is a ‘one woman band’ this means the world.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017.


Be    x


PS New Year’s resolution = blog regularly!!