About Educational Cookshops

I provide practical, exciting and hands-on cookery lessons for children.


All cookshops are age appropriate and educational being linked to the relevant curriculum. Every child is actively engaged in the cooking process. I teach children key kitchen techniques which they can practise immediately. This boosts confidence and increases the students’ skill base.
You can choose from one of my existing cookshops or together we can design a cookshop to meet your exact requirements. Existing cookshops can be adapted to different age groups. I can tailor each cookshop to meet the needs of your children and the facilities you have in school.
Cookshops can last for half a day or a whole day and I also run schemes of work returning to your school for eg a session each week for a half term, whole term or more!
Most cookshops include a presentation, whole class and individual activities, hands-on practical recipe(s) for the children to prepare and a show and taste component.


Depending on the schools needs and facilities I will price sessions accordingly. Every school is different, therefore I will tailor my activities to both your needs and your budget.
No matter which cookshop you choose prices always include:

  • All ingredients
  • Recipe sheets for all children
  • All equipment (except cooker/fridge if needed)
  • Document outlining the skills covered and curriculum links


I deliver imaginative and cross curricular cookshops. With the introduction of the new food, cooking and nutritional aspects of the National Curriculum in England from September 2104, it is now even more important to get your children cooking.

‘Instilling a love of cooking in pupils will also open a door to one of the great expressions of human creativity. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill that enables pupils to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life.’

(The National Curriculum in England – Handbook for Primary Teachers – Key Stages 1 & 2 – Cooking and Nutrition p143)

I couldn’t have put it better myself! I believe there is a little cook in every child.

All my recipes and activities are designed to enrich and support the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum subjects. Cookshops can contribute positively to raising achievement, giving students plenty of opportunities to practise a whole range of skills.

  • Cooking helps the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.
  • It increases vocabulary and reading comprehension skills through following recipes.
  • It helps develop maths skills, including addition, fraction and logical thinking.
  • It helps to develop negotiation and team work skills.
  • Creating a recipe helps confidence and self-esteem giving children a great feeling of accomplishment.

Supply/PPA Cover

As I am a fully qualified teacher I can cover PPA sessions or teacher absence. I can incorporate Baker Be cookshops (either complete or elements of) into these sessions as required. I am registered with Northumberland LEA Supply register.

Food allergies/intolerances

Cookshops can be altered to meet the needs of children with food allergies or intolerances. No child needs to miss out.