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A cheer for chia!

A few weeks back my eyes lit up as I read an email which said ‘You are a prize winner!’. I do dabble in the occasional competition entry! Hoorah, I thought, a trip to London to be wined and dined or a champagne Spa day! Having read the email, I was rather deflated to hear… Read More

Northumbria University & Crackers Soft Play

This month has seen a couple of new and exciting ventures for Baker Be. ‘Good Grub on a Budget’ workshops at Northumbria University Northumbria University offers a whole host of amazing activities to welcome its Freshers. As part of the Fresher’s week I offered a couple of workshops where students could come along and make healthy… Read More

Discover Design Devour

I spent a fabulous afternoon with Year 1s and 2s today delivering my Discover Design Devour cookshop. I was so impressed at how open the children were to trying all sorts of foods including almond butter, dates, oatcakes and olives. The children showed a good knowledge of how to eat healthily and we ended up chatting about good… Read More

Take Time Out

It’s half term! Hooray! I love having the kids at home and not having to get up and out in the mornings. Now they are a bit older they are often happy to potter about the house, especially at the beginning of the day. So this morning I look advantage of this and I took… Read More

Banana & chocolate loaf

Hi I’ve just posted one of my all time favourite recipes – Banana and chocolate loaf. This is such an easy recipe to make and is devoured more or less instantly in my house. We’ve been known to polish off an entire loaf in one sitting! I usually make a batch and freeze a loaf… Read More