Discover Design Devour

Use your design skills and imagination to make the best sandwich ever!

The children will start by tasting a range of healthy foods and will use all their senses to describe them. We’ll talk about which foods we need to eat to help keep us healthy and will discuss the different food groups. We will also talk about where some of these foods come from and about seasonality. The children will then design and make their own sandwich. Choose from different breads and fillings. Who is your sandwich for? Does it have a theme? Your sandwich has to look great but also taste great. Let your imagination run wild! We’ll practise a range of kitchen skills and learn about being safe and hygienic. We will also evaluate our sandwiches. Who’s looks the best? Who’s tastes the best? Who’s is the healthiest? We’ll finish by eating up all our creations.

 Curriculum Links

Children will:
English – use descriptive language.
Science – describe the importance for humans of eating the right amounts of different types of food.
Art – use drawing to develop their ideas.
D&T – use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes; understand where food comes from; begin to understand about seasonality. Design purposeful products for themselves and other users base on design criteria; evaluate their ideas and products against design criteria.