Fabulous February!


Well, it’s 5am in the morning and here I am tapping away on the keyboard. Madness I know! I’ve been awake since 3am which is completely unlike me as I am one of life’s great sleepers, as my husband says, “Our house is a happier place when Mummy has had a good nights sleep.”!! I don’t know what’s going on but after half an hour of lying there ‘Baker Be’ brain started whirring into action, so I thought I may as well ‘crack on’!!

I was thinking about February. It’s a short month but it’s jam packed what with Shrove Tuesday, Valentine’s Day and half term, not to mention National Marriage Week this week.

Shrove Tuesday

Last year I made pancakes with the whole of Wark C of E School – great fun if not slightly manic! This year I’ll  just be making them for the family. I’m thinking I’ll be able to win some serious ‘mummy points’ this morning as I’ll have the pancake batter all ready and waiting for breakfast! It’ll be egg-free pancakes for us as my eldest is allergic to egg. Both my husband and I have experimented with different recipes over the years and have come up with our own very simple one which makes tasty pancakes which don’t resemble cardboard – always a benefit!! I’ll post the recipe later this morning. I also love the ‘Clean & Lean’ pancake recipe which is already in the ‘Recipes’ section. It’s super healthy and also really yummy.



As it turns out I had a little helper!





Love is in the Air…

It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday. After 11 years of marriage my husband and I don’t really go in for the whole big ‘lovey dovey’ card and present thing  (that’s not to say I don’t love you heaps Mr H (in case you read this blog!!)). There may be a sarcastic card and that’ll be it. We are, in fact, going out on Saturday night to a friend’s house for an anti-Valentine’s dinner! Far better than sitting in a restaurant full of couples who feel they should be there when really they just fancy a take away and a bit of telly (oh how cynical I am becoming in my old age!). Actually, just remembered the in-laws are coming for lunch on Sunday – doesn’t get more romantic than that!! My youngest son (6 years old) however, is really entering into the spirit and has already purchased (via the bank of Mummy) his very posh Belgian chocolate bear and hearts from Waitrose. I did try and sway him towards the cheaper heart lolly but to no avail! My eldest son, who may I add had a ‘girlfriend’ (in the loosest sense of the word) through most of first school, went on and on at youngest son about how you can’t have a girlfriend at the age of 6 and that this declaration of love was complete madness! My youngest however, stood true to his heart and ignored this advice! It’s good to see romance isn’t dead!

…and relax!

Everyone seems to be hanging out for half term. There have been so many nasty bugs about (which luckily I have avoided) that people are looking forward to a bit of a rest. I’m busy testing recipes for my ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed cookery workshops (taking place on 15th February). Mushroom cookies, mad hatter marshmallows, jam tarts and edible teacups will be on the menu! I’ve got a ‘Choctastic’ party booked after that and then it’s a few days away in the Lakes. This has become an annual occurrence thanks to my in-laws who invite us to their rented apartment each year (Merlewood in Grange over Sands). It’s a fab place and you can really chill out – swimming with the kids, morning/afternoon teas and walks along the promenade – can’t wait!

National Marriage Week

It’s National Marriage week this week! Who knew! It celebrates commitment. I personally don’t feel you have to be married to be committed but hay ho! What better week to get stuck into developing the wedding side of my business where I offer entertainment for children at weddings. I will be exhibiting at two wedding fayres in March, the first at the Sage, Gateshead on 13 March and the second at Hexham Abbey on 20 March. I’m also getting flyers designed and will be approaching wedding venues with my services soon. As a micro business (I did think I was a small business for a while but came across this term recently and think it better suits Baker Be! That’s not to say, there’s not lots going on!) you always worry about spending. Exhibiting doesn’t come cheap once you have paid for flyers, a pop up advertising banner, the stand etc. However, I have been lucky enough to be given a ‘new business’ rate for my stand at the Sage show (thank you Dawn Marie) so it makes it affordable. It’s always worth asking for a discount as a small business as there are usually small spaces which the organisers want to fill, maybe at the back of the venue. You gotta start somewhere!

Well, it’s batter making time so I’ll say my goodbyes. Enjoy the rest of February. Dare I say it…the Easter bunny will be here before we know it! You’ve always got to be one step (or should I say ‘hop’) ahead in business!!!

Be   x

Posted on: 9th Feb 2016