Food at Disneyland Paris

I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer.

As part of our hols this year we took our boys to Disneyland Paris for a couple of days – first time for them and us. We had a great time and even Mr H enjoyed himself!

As the eternal foody I was interested to see what we could eat during our stay. Whilst we didn’t scrimp madly we did have a budget so I thought it may be of interest to future EuroDisney goers to share some of our foody experiences and the costs involved. All prices are approximate and based on a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children).

We stayed at the B&B Hotel, which is one of the purpose built hotels near to the resort, which provides a free shuttle to the park. We paid about £300 for 3 nights stay which included breakfast. There was a choice of bacon and eggs, breads, croissants, yoghurts and cereals, juices, tea/coffee. None of it was ‘haute cuisine’ but it was all very edible and a great way to fill up for the day. Ironically, my youngest son was so excited by the whole Disney thing, he only ate a small bowl of cereal each day!

We had travelled up from further down in France so arrived at our hotel just after lunchtime. We wanted to stretch our legs so we walked to the local town of Magny-le-Hagne. This took about 20 minutes. It’s a bit of a strange place and has obviously been built since EuroDisney came about. There were a couple of restaurants which looked nice, including one called ‘Le Comptoir Lounge’ which has good reviews on TripAdvisor. We were a bit late for lunch by the time we got there (the restaurants shut at 3pm and re-open at 7pm) so we decided to go to the local supermarket and get a picnic. It was a great ‘Casino’ supermarket with lots of choice of fresh breads, ready made salads etc. Our picnic lunch cost £17.

There was the option of having dinner (in the loosest sense of the word!) at our hotel but we didn’t feel it was good value or very appetising. For £13.50 for an adult/£7.50 for a child you could choose from a slice of pizza, a pasta and sauce or a hot dog, unlimited salad (which looked awful) and a pudding eg an extremely chilled donut.  Drinks were extra and all served in plastic cups.

On our first evening we therefore decided to go back to Magny-le-Hagne to eat at a Chinese restaurant called Restaurant Kobe which was offering an all you can eat buffet. I know it sounds rather strange that we decided to eat Chinese food but we’d already had 2 1/2 weeks of French food and fancied something different! It cost £16 for an adult and £9 for a child, with drinks as extra. There was a really nice sushi bar and then all the usual Chinese buffet offerings which were all well cooked and I enjoyed my meal. The gentleman who served us was really helpful regarding my son’s egg allergy and showed us everything he could eat, which was a great choice. We cycled there and it only took about 5 mins on purpose built, off road cycle tracks which were great and really safe for the kids.

Everyone told us that it’s very expensive to eat in the park. We decided however that we wouldn’t lug around a picnic but would buy food there, as cheaply as we could. We did take water bottles, which you can re-fill at water stations around the park, and snacks.

On our first day we bought lunch in a café on ‘main street’. We had a croque monsieur (cheese & ham toastie) which was lovely and really big (even my eldest son couldn’t finish it and that’s saying something!), a chicken & salad wrap, a ham & cheese baguette and 2 fizzy drinks. It came to approximately £38. We were all full and enjoyed the fizzy drinks!

We did 14 hours at the park on the first day! I know, hard core heh! As we wanted to stay for the fireworks at 11pm we decided to stay in the park so went to Disney Village which is at the park and has a large selection of restaurants and bars. We went to the ‘Sports Bar’ which had screens with all sorts of sports on which the kids liked. The boys had kids menus which comprised of chips, chicken wings and drink and a yoghurt or cookie, I had whitebait and a tub of ice cream and Mr H had fish and chips. Again it was all fine and cost us £57 and included 4 beers (well, you need some refreshment after 14 hours of Disney mania!!). It would have cost £35 without the adult refreshments!).

On our second day we ate lunch at ‘Café Hyperion’ which was basically a fast food place with a Star Wars theme. We’d sussed it out on day 1 and I’d taken a couple of slices of bread for my son as I’d noticed the burger buns were brioche which contains egg. We had 2 kids meals and 2 adults meals (burger, fries, drink and ice cream/cake) which cost £40.


There are plenty of places to get a drink, ice cream, waffle etc but we were far too busy having fun to want to stop for snacks! There are also a number of ‘posher’ restaurants but they were definitely out of our price range, costing about £90 upwards (without drinks).

On our last evening we ended up back at the Chinese restaurant! We were all shattered and went there out of ease.

So, overall, yes it’s pricey and yes, there are lots of chips and burgers involved! Saying that, it was all very edible and no one went hungry. I can’t say any of the food will stick in my mind as being great but I wasn’t expecting it to be. After all, you don’t go to Euro Disney for a culinary experience. You go to meet Goofy!!!


Now, life doesn’t get better than that!

Until next time.





Posted on: 30th Aug 2016