Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!

It’s been a busy January so far with lots of teaching which has been great fun. I was teaching the topic of ‘Castles and Legends’. Naturally I had to incorporate some children’s cookery into it so we made ‘Eggscalibread’ – get it??! (the kids didn’t!). Obviously a knight’s favourite snack is eggy bread when he returns from a long quest! I used the recipe below and although I have eaten eggy bread many times in my life I had never thought to add toppings. Golden syrup and jam were definitely the favourites. This is a great recipe for young children as it’s easy and incorporates lots of great kitchen skills for children such as cracking the eggs, mixing, dunking and cutting.


So, what other news…

I am busy organising some more children’s cookery workshops for February half term. Unfortunately Hexham Community Centre, which is a great central location, is unavailable but I will find somewhere else. I will post details on my facebook page and website as soon as I have the dates and location confirmed.

Last week I met up with Dawn Marie who has been organising weddings in the North East for over 20 years. I hope to be exhibiting at one of her Wedding Fayres in a couple of months. I also got a chance to have a look around Horton Grange Hotel, which is a lovely location for a wedding or other event Horton Grange hotel. I am really excited about expanding the ‘Children’s Entertainment at Weddings’ side of the business this year. So if you know anyone who is getting married you know where to come!

I have added a couple of new recipes to the Recipes section.



As it’s January, like lots of folk, I am trying to be a bit healthier and shed ‘the Christmas excess’ around my middle! My Little Nuggets of Joy are a real godsend as I have a really sweet tooth and they save me from digging into the choccies. My date, nut and seed bars are stolen from a Nigella recipe which I tweaked to incorporate all the bits and pieces I had in the cupboard. You can do the same as you can really put in them what you want.

My mince and dumplings recipe is not so healthy but it’s great comfort food for this time of year. I recently found out that my friend, Rachael, has never had mince and dumplings – shock horror!! – so this one’s for you! She is a fabulous cook so will be able to knock these up in her sleep as they are SO easy. Being on my health kick I made them last night but used Quorn instead of mince and wholemeal flour instead of white. The kids devoured it and didn’t seem to notice the changes! I must say, I do prefer the original recipe and I feel that if you are going to have it then just go for it and enjoy it. “Everything in moderation” as my Nana says! She’s 103 years old and  doesn’t she look great. So I reckon that’s good advice!


Wishing you all a fabulous 2016.

Be x