Marvellous May

Has your May been marvellous or has it been manic? Maybe it can be marvellous and manic simultaneously?

I attended a great talk last week at The Inspire Network meeting in Hexham. It was given by Sarah Seed, a Holistic Confidence Coach, about life balance.  Do we have balance in our lives? How can we achieve it? It was interesting to sit back and think about whether I live a balanced life. Sarah talked about a jug full of water which is constantly poured into glasses. What happens? It becomes empty. We (busy, working mums) are ‘the jug’ – always giving and giving and if we don’t give ourselves time to recharge then we too will become empty.

As a working mother I feel, like many others do, that life is a juggling act. Each day we juggle family, the house, work, friends and much more. It can sometimes feel like we are on a hamster wheel and we can’t get off! I’m not having a moan. I love my love. I suppose it could be simpler. I could get a more straight forward job, which would probably pay more, allowing me certain benefits such as a cleaner etc, but I have chosen to do what I do because I love it and believe in it. Starting Baker Be has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s not easy though. Running a business by yourself can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s hard to close the door to the office, turn off the mobile and not look at emails. However, when I actually think about it, I probably thrive on the slight ‘madness’ of my life – every day being different, not being quite sure what next month will bring. It’s exciting! Manic AND marvellous!

There’s one thing I know for sure, and that is I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my wonderful family. They all help me in different ways – be it with kind words, childcare, sending me boxes of wine!!! etc etc. The list is endless. I won’t talk about them individually as no doubt I’ll leave one person out, who’ll be offended, which will then go on to cause a family feud, I’ll be disowned and cut out of the wills….!!!! Well, maybe not! Their love and support, does however, go a long way to ‘refilling my jug’ and to quote Ellie Goulding (almost) – When I’m with them, I standing with an army. Thanks family! x

There is one person I will mention though and that’s my Nana. I am presently spending a couple of days with my Nana (103 years old). I’ve mentioned her before in my blog but I’m going to mention her again as she is completely extraordinary. She is the kindest, warmest, most giving person I know. I’m lucky that I’ve had the chance to get to know her as a person and not just as ‘Nana’. When I was younger she helped to look after my sister and I – collecting us from school etc. We have always been close but back then she was just ‘Nana’. Now I understand that she is much more! A person in her own right with endless stories to tell of her wondrous life.

We have just been out for dinner together. Nana loves her food and managed to polish off 3 scoops of ice cream for pud after a hefty main course! Maybe that’s where I get it from! We chatted for over 2 hours as Nana regaled stories from her past. Most of my memories involve food and it would seem some of hers do too! She told me how she used to have a spoon of ‘Brimstone and treacle’ each morning as a child. I had to google it to see what it was! Apparently a mixture of sulphur, cream of tartar and treacle which was meant to keep children healthy! She chatted about how she used to go out and pick stinging nettles and dandelion leaves which her grandmother would make into the most delicious ginger beer. We talked about her husband, my Poppa, and his love of ice cream. He’d buy a block and cut a huge wedge and put it between wafers, 2 or 3 at either end! We reminisced about how we used to all go for fish and chips and my sister and I would get pineapple fritters. Nana used to keep salt and vinegar permanently in the glove compartment of the car!! Now that’s my kind of woman! She was an amazing cook herself and no doubt helped to ignite my love of food and cooking. Her Sunday roasts were legendary and my mouth still waters when I think about her welsh cakes, made on the plank.

I could have sat there all night and chatted. I am SO privileged to be able to have these special times with my Nana. She’s one in a million and completely melts my heart. To quote another pop star – Nana, you’re simply the best!

nana&abi     Nana and my twin sisiter Abi







Until next month.




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Posted on: 26th May 2016