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Raspberry & Oat Muffins

Make these muffins with your favourite fruits. Why not try blackberries, blueberries or chunks of apple.

Fruity Baked Oats

I’ve also made this recipe into oaty slices which are great for when you are out and about.

Take Time Out

It’s half term! Hooray! I love having the kids at home and not having to get up and out in the mornings. Now they are a bit older they are often happy to potter about the house, especially at the beginning of the day. So this morning I look advantage of this and I took… Read More

Shake up your Wake up

Children learn about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. We will discuss why we should eat breakfast and find out about healthy and unhealthy choices. We will then make some healthy breakfast recipes such as granola and blueberry and maple muffins. Finally the children will design their own healthy breakfast using the knowledge they… Read More