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Fruity Baked Oats

I’ve also made this recipe into oaty slices which are great for when you are out and about.

Fruit lollies

These fruity lollies have a secret core for that tiny bit of naughtiness!

Discover Design Devour

Use your design skills and imagination to make the best sandwich ever! The children will start by tasting a range of healthy foods and will use all their senses to describe them. We’ll talk about which foods we need to eat to help keep us healthy and will discuss the different food groups. We will also talk… Read More

Fruity Fun

Learn about healthy eating and make some tasty but healthy treats. We will start by talking about which foods are healthy and which aren’t so healthy. Which foods do we like? What are our favourite fruits and vegetables? We’ll have a look at a range of fruits and vegetables – inside and out – and… Read More