To Infinity & Beyond

I spent a brilliant morning last week with a Year 1/2 class delivering my ‘To Infinity & Beyond’ cookshop. The very first comment I heard from a child was “Oooh this looks fun!” . In my book it doesn’t get better than that!

All the children loved the story telling and then got completely stuck in to the cooking activities.

Erupting moon cake!                                  to infinity & beyond 003

We made erupting moon cake which was a great activity to practise some of their kitchen skills – measuring, mixing, greasing… It also gave us a super opportunity to talk about different moons. We made two cakes and one cake was completely devoured at snack time – a total eclipse!!!


to infinity & beyond 020  Rocket dogs!

We then set about making rocket dogs, fruity rockets and I also had a craft table where the children could   design their own moonscape or alien.



to infinity & beyond 019

Fruity rockets!




to infinity & beyond 014 It was a really busy morning full of learning and fun. Perfect!

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Posted on: 26th May 2015